Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Following Pilot Episode

It seems that everything that comes onto Sky Atlantic has me interested straight away and it was no different with The Following. The premise is fantastic and a very clever idea even if it is just a 'cop show with a gimmick'. 

This show is very fast paced - a lot faster than I thought it was going to be, but that's not necessarily a problem. It had twists and turns and it's really quite thrilling. One of the writers was one of the guys behind Scream and you can tell because this is really clever in parts and genuinely quite jumpy. 

Kevin Bacon plays his part well, even if he does really annoy me, but that's probably a personal thing  (probably to do with those bloody EE adverts and the fact every time I look at him I see Roger the alien from American Dad wearing that Kevin Bacon nose, but I digress). However, it's James Purefoy who steals the show as the psychotic and intelligent serial killer, Joe Carroll. For me, he makes this show and he's the reason I'm going to tune in to the next episode. 

The Following Pilot was good, it's not brilliant, but it's interesting and I think the series could be very good, indeed.