Friday, 22 March 2013

Doctor Who: Is Matt Smith Leaving?

I have a confession. I never really loved David Tennant's Doctor. He was just a little bit meh to me, especially when compared to the Doctor before him, the brilliant and barmy Christopher Eccleston. So when Tennant eventually left it was a welcome change for me and it turned out brilliant. Matt Smith is a wonderful doctor and a fantastic actor who is sure to go on to bigger things.

If rumour is to be believed than the Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special will be the last time Smith dons the bow tie, flies the tardis and prances around in his wonderful eccentric manner. If this is true than it will be a great loss for Doctor Who - especially as Smith's Doctor is the first Doctor to really make it big over in America.

However, I believe that Doctor Who is huge juggernaut. Much like many franchises like Batman and Spiderman, it's not all about the star it's about the character. It's about the nostalgia. It's about seeing the tardis, it's about humming along with the theme tune and it's about the fantastic writing that we've come to love from Moffat.

So who should get the role? I would love to see Benedict Cumberbatch in the role. As we all know, he turned down the role before Smith took it which is a great shame, but he would be a wonderful acquisition for the show. We've seen all the characteristics from his amazing character in Sherlock that would translate to Who wonderfully.

And finally, a long shot from me - Russell Brand. I'm not even going to say anything. Just think about it.