Sunday, 31 March 2013

Doctor Who: The Bells of St John Review

As all of us now know, anything with a mid season finale is a massive show with a lot of fans (I'm looking at you, The Walking Dead). With this, it brings much anticipation for the show to start again. Doctor Who, up until now, has delivered with it's returning episode. That is up until now though, I'm afraid to say. The Bells of St John is just a bit of a mess.

The story, or lack of, just doesn't deliver. This is very disappointing considering the subject of Wi-Fi - which had a lot of potential. It's all very one dimensional. I can tell that Moffat himself is very naive about the subject matter and frankly didn't do his homework, which is very disappointing.

There's no real villain either, which is a real kick in the teeth because the 'villain' is played by the wonderful Celia Imrie who could have pulled off a fantastic Doctor Who villain, but she just wasn't given a strong enough character to build on or any character development.

There are positives, though. Jenna-Louise Coleman added to her wonderful new companion with a very good performance here. Her chemistry with Matt Smith can clearly be seen here as well, which is fantastic after how good Karen Gillan was with him.

And MATT SMITH IS ON A MOTORBIKE RIDING UP THE SHARD. That made my Saturday on it's own.

So a pretty poor returning episode, but I'm sure it will get better and it was good to see Jenna-Louise Coleman in her first proper episode as an excellent companion.