Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Who should direct Bond 24?

In the recent news that Sam Mendes - the director of the fantastic Skyfall - has rejected the chance to direct Bond 24 my mind has been running through all the possible directors that I think could do well in the role. So what do we look for in a director for Bond? Does he have to be British? Does he have to have a track record?

Obviously the main one is Christopher Nolan. He's used to the pressure of directing a massive franchise and if we delve deeper into his Batman trilogy we can see a fair few similarities to Bond. Firstly, Bruce Wayne and James Bond have always been quite similar characters. They're both suave when they want to be with a mean streak to boot. Then you've got the heavy use of gadgets in Nolan's universe which is synonymous with classic Bond. I'm sure Nolan would have a field day with the introduction of Ben Whishaw as Q. However, Nolan has now signed onto Interstellar which is set for release in 2014 so it's highly unlikely that he'll have the time to direct, sadly.

I think Danny Boyle would be a good shout to direct Bond.I think everyone knows what a fantastic and diverse director he is. He's made some of the greatest British films in recent years and Bond seems perfect, doesn't it? I think the only problem with Boyle is that he doesn't have a good track record when he's given a budget. He's even said himself that he doesn't trust himself with a budget, so it's unlikely he'd take it on.

Matthew Vaughn is another person I'd like to see tackle Bond. He ticks all the right boxes for me. He's British, he's directed Daniel Craig in Layer Cake - which was very good and had a Bond feel to it, he uses a high budget to great effect and he basically made a classic Bond in the form of X-Men: First Class. It all looks good to me. However, he too has a very big slate at the moment, but he has said he'd love to do it. Here's hoping.

Whoever gets the directors chair for Bond 24 has a big task on their hand. How does one top Skyfall?