Friday, 19 April 2013

Limitless Review

Most of the good films around are relatable to some degree. Limitless is no different. Let's be honest, who wouldn't want a pill that actually gives you motivation to do something or helps you out of that writers block? I, for one, would love it. Instead of procrastinated by writing this review, I might actually be revising for my exams that are coming up, but I digress.

Limitless has an excellent concept.  What would happen if you could take a pill (NZT) that would allow you to use 100% of your brain (instead of the standard 20%) and function on a level higher than you have ever functioned before? The possibilities for such a movie idea are well, limitless - pun intended, I apologise - but unfortunately, despite some great acting, especially by Bradley Cooper, the film stumbles through the middle and the final third of a film. Also, this movie doesn't exactly go deep with either the moral or thematic implications of super intelligence. Nor are the characters particularly well developed.

It's ending is poor too. This film had outstanding potential to really make the audience think about the ending and leave us with question to answer, but it just didn't. It was too self explanatory and once again, the film has treated us like we're stupid. 

However, I found myself somewhat drawn to this film. It engaged me from start to finish despite the loss of momentum halfway through the film. Yes, it's not a particularly clever film despite it's intelligent concept and it had the potential to be a science fiction classic, but it's an enjoyable thriller. 

It's also a technically sound film which really brings this film into it's own. The camerawork and editing goes hand in hand with the subject matter. This is also backed up by a very good soundtrack from Paul Leonard-Morgan. The cinematography and the music really helps establish and bring out the genre in the narrative. 

I must applause Bradley Cooper for his superb performance too. He was absolutely fantastic, which really surprised me as I saw him as a more comedic actor, but evidently not because he sold his drug addicted, yes successful character to a tee. 

It could have been so much better, but for what it was, it was pretty good.