Saturday, 13 April 2013

Doctor Who: Cold War Review

What a wonderful episode. Mark Gattiss writes his sixth Who episode and brings back the Ice Warriors to devastating effect.  

The episode may be entitled 'Cold War' and be set in a submarine but this episode resembles Alien for me. Claustrophobic area? Check. Scary monster? Check. Tense atmosphere? Check. It ticks all the boxes and it brings Doctor Who back into semi-horror territory. Gattiss has also nailed the humour which we've come to love from Doctor Who. So we end up getting this awesome mixture between horror and comedy and it works out perfectly. 

The way Gattiss has brought back the Ice Warriors has to be credited too. The Ice Warriors have not aged at all well, but the changes made to them introduced them to a new audience without taking too much away from what made the Ice Warriors a good villain in the first place. 

David Warner was excellent in his role of the professor providing much of the humour. Also, Clara singing 'Hungry like the Wolf' by Duran Duran is worth watching the show on it's own.

The best episode so far.