Friday, 12 April 2013

Cena Doesn't Have To Turn Heel For Him To Become More Interesting

John Cena. You either love him or hate him. Which side am I on? Neither. I know right, what a rebel! I can appreciate John Cena as an entertainer and he's not a bad wrestler. I don't blame him from having the same character for yonks. It's not his fault. It's WWE's for playing too safe.

Many fans have been calling for Cena to turn heel for ages. They want change and frankly, I don't blame them. But I don't think he needs to turn heel for him to be an interesting character again. He just needs an edge to him, like he had when he first joined the company - even if it means going back to that rapping alter-ego.

Take his feud with Rock during the Q&A with the Hall of Famers on Raw. He showed signs of being less of a twelve year old. When he got in The Rock's faced and did he 'you can't see me' it just gave him a bit more depth than he usually has.

Another example was the cool spot at Mania when he went for The People’s Elbow and The Rock popped up and Cena held onto the ropes, taunted and ducked Rocks attack. That’s what I want to see! Cena doesn’t have to be a full on heel but surely he can have a bit more edge like that while still being a face. 

I like Cena. I think he's good for the business, I think he's the biggest star in WWE at the moment and I think he's fantastic on the mic, but he certainly needs to change in attitude and I hope WWE do that. 

Can't see it happening, though.