Sunday, 19 December 2010

my top ten favourite game characters

10.) Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid Series)
I thought Solid Snake was a great place to start my favourite game characters because let's face it, solid snake is the man, he can kill anything and anyone, has been over 3 consoles and spin off games on the psp (and the upcoming 3ds remake). snake is one of the most important characters in the games industry and ten times better than raiden not that i don't like him either.

9.) Dante (Devil May Cry Series)
What's better than a badass half- demon that has fire and lightning swords which he slays monsters with? Nothing! Dante is one of the coolest characters in gaming and when you feel simply awesome when you play as him. That's why he's at number nine.

8.) Crash Bandicoot
Crash is such a playful guy and even though he was mute and was kinda dumb, he always meant well and could clearly express his emotions. He was awesome at jumping and exploding TnT aswell.I really want a next gen crash!

7.) Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Series)
lara croft is the perfect woman, she is witty, clever, badass, has attitude and knows not only many languages but how to "take out" all the bad guys in every single game. she also has the best glitches in any game ever!

6.) Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic Series)
The greatest speed, the sense of duty he has, his cool grin and the trademark thumbs up! The definition of cool. The definition of hero. Plus he’s the first character to have a company carrying his name (Sonic Team) and is a legend. Too bad this generation hasn't fared to well for him, let's hope sonic colours and sonic 4 episode 1 changes that (i haven't got around to playing them yet).

5.) Fox Mcloud
(Starfox Series)
Fox McCloud is possibly my favourite nintendo character. Everything about him reeks cool, he flies a plane,his cool boots and his awesome staff (starfox adventures). Oh and he's a fox! (Everyone know's foxes are awesome). I really want nintendo to makes another starfox game on the wii! I guess we'll have to settle for starfox 64 on the 3ds (which i don't mind because i love that game!).

4) Duke Nukem
What do you get when you put every single action hero together? That's right duke nukem, the most awesome action hero ever! He has the best quotes in videogames ever. When you're playing the game you feel awesome blowing aliens heads off and paying girls to dance for you. Yeah duke is awesome!

3) Marshall Law (Tekken series)
Marshall Law is my favourite chracter in any tekken series. He is homage to the martial artist Bruce Lee and shares many characteristics with the famous martial artist, even uttering similar high-pitched shouts and whoops when he performs certain strikes and attacks. he even had his own tv show in australia and is in comics way before the game. and who doesn't love bruce lee?

2) Captain Falcon
The helmet,the suit and the boots! Are you buckled up? Ok then! Captain Falcon is the best character in the F-Zero series and in my opinion is the only reason people actually bought it! He also made great cameo's in the super smash bro's series. FALCON PUNCH!!!!

1) Mario (Mario Series)
I don't think there was a single reader who didn't see this coming! That's right the fat plumber is my favourite game character. I'm not sure whether it's because his games are so good or because he's such a good character, i think it's a mixture between both. You gotta love that he never gives up on princess peach aswell.