Saturday, 18 December 2010

GOTY 2010

i know alot of people have been moaning about red dead redemption getting vga's game of the year, i agree that RDR was a great game but my GOTY is splinter cell conviction without a doubt!

It was a fantastic game from start to finish. A complete overhaul from the originals.The balance between stealth and action is perfect. The single player is amazingly encapsulating, albeit amazingly short.

Graphics look stunning at times and just above average at others. Controls take getting used to, but the gameplay is very intuitive. Gone is the Splinter Cell where you are forced to pay attention to every little detail like hiding bodies, not making too much noise,
and closing doors or turning lights out. This is completely new. Sam no longer needs to worry about those things; instead he focuses on getting from point A to B and strategically killing anyone in his way, although sometimes utter stealth can get you through a level.

The lifespan of the game is great even if the main story is about 7 hours (on realistic) you still have deniable ops which contain three modes, hunter: go through different maps taking out ten people in one place then moving on to a different place but if you alert anyone more people come which brings the stealth back into this game. Last stand:you have to protect a emp in the middle of a map while waves of enemies come to destroy it. Face off: this mode is the worst out of all modes it's simply 1vs1 and who ever get's the most kills wins (call of duty copy).

Then you have the amazing prequel co-op story that grows as the story goes on and you really get attached to the characters (archer and kestrel). This game is fantastic, and even as a hardcore Splinter Cell fan, this game takes the cake in terms of reflecting the spy/movie bad ass heroes like Bond and Bourne. Fisher's story is much more emotional, and by the end of the story you will have felt his anger, mourned with his despair, and exulted in his joy. 94% (i know this started off as my GOTY but i though i might aswell write a review)