Monday, 20 December 2010

Batman:Arkham City Worries

2011 is my second main year of dedicated gaming and I’m really excited about it, for one main reason; batman:Arkham city.
I loved Arkham asylum and fully completed the game, I loved everything about it the characters,the atmosphere,the puzzles and the plot. Which is why I’m so excited about the sequel and I fully trust Rocksteady to do a great job.
A couple of things I am worried about though, the amount of villains; I though Arkham asylum had a great amount of villains and I don’t want Arkham city to be to crowded with villains because that would just take away the atmosphere for me.
The other thing I’m worried about as well is the co-op, a lot of games get ruined if the developer is trying to fit too much into the game, I think if Rocksteady only used co-op for the challenge rooms they used in Arkham asylum than that would work. Which brings me onto my next worry, who will be Batman's partner? In the history of DC there are so many sidekicks to choose from; robin(dick Grayson,Jason Todd,Tim drake and Damian Wayne),Nightwing (Dick Grayson), then of course theirs Catwoman who has already been confirmed to be in the game or even superman!
I don't think robin is right for the darkness of the game I think Nightwing may work if Rocksteady do him properly, but for me Catwoman would be perfect for the game, mainly because of there love hate relationship, so if you were playing as batman you would feel vulnerable in case she stabs you in the back (which probably will happen if you play online).
I am really looking forward to Arkham city and I think Rocksteady will get it right.