Saturday, 29 June 2013

World War Z Review

I think the whole world and his dog heard about the problems that went on in the production of World War Z. Add on top of that the fact that Damon Lindelof wrote the last third of the movie and you could say that World War Z wasn't my most anticipated film of this year... 

Despite this, it's still managed to not even reach those heights. 

Seriously, this film is bad. Not quite Spiderman 3 bad (nothing is bad at that, HOW COULD YOU RUIN VENOM), but definitely Transformers 2 bad. Yes, I mean it. This film is everything that's wrong with Hollywood. It ticks all the boxes. 

My main gripe is the characters. There is not a single decent character. The film is filled with awful characters that make stupid decisions. The bad decisions are up there with Prometheus - it's that depressing. Brad Pitt throws a grenade whilst on a plane...THAT'S IN THE AIR. FLYING. 

The town of Jerusalem installs DOZENS of loudspeakers around the perimeter to which they decide to have a sing-along. Was the whole “sound+zombie" thing was too hard for them to grasp? 

The only memorable character is Brad Pitt and he still wasn't up to scratch. I mean, come on Brad, what's happened? Remember Fight Club and Twelve Monkeys? I wouldn't even mind if you went back to Snatch - anything but this. He's just so wooden and dead. Honestly, he'd  be better off playing one of the zombies.

This could be down to the fact that NONE of these characters have any sort of development. In fact, Brad and his family are almost just thrown into the apocalypse. Seriously, the only thing we learn about them is that Brad used to have a dangerous job but gave it up for his family. Oh, and that he likes to make pancakes for them... THAT'S IT. Are we supposed to care about these people now? Because I, for one, couldn't give a shit.

It had to be massively cut to pieces because a boy from a family that we saw for literally 5 minutes 'joined' the family and then we saw nothing of him for the rest of the film. I mean no writer can be that half-arsed can they? I only hope that it was cut.

It was also incredibly shallow and generic. They tried to get off this whole human theme to it, but it just fell flat on it's face. In actual fact, it was just a former UN employee hoping on a plane to talk to people about the apocalypse. However, it did turn around once Brad landed in Wales to go to a hospital. Here's where it comes into an actual zombie film. In this, there's lots of tension and suspense but it's all very Hollywood and generic. I've seen this a thousand times over, it doesn't bring anything new, but it's good to know that it can do something competently.

This then leads into a half-arsed ending which almost guarantees a sequel...SIGH. An awful film that carries the World War Z name. A shame to zombie films and Hollywood films in general.

Worst film of the year.