Monday, 24 June 2013

The Internship Review

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson proved to be a very good team in the surprisingly funny Wedding Crashers. Now, they team up in The Internship, a film about two salesmen whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital age who find their way into an internship at Google.

Product placement is something that audiences have begun to accept in the industry nowadays, but this film takes it way too far! This film is basically trying to be an advertisement for Google. I'd love to know how much Google paid them for this gesture. However, it was money wasted because, if anything, it made the company look a tad poor. All the characters who work there utter douchebags - it just makes you wonder why they would've ever let them go ahead with it. Even the top tier management are dicks. 

Despite this, you may think this sounds like a fresh and niche sub-genre in comedy, but honestly, don't hold your breath. This is not winning any originality awards. The story is predictable and the characters are incredibly cliche. Someone who has problems interacting with people? Check. A (British, surprise surprise) know-it-all douchebag? Check. A guy who likes a girl but has problems approaching her? Check. All of them nerdy? Check, check, check. We've seen it all before. 

However, it has some very funny jokes in it. I genuinely laughed out loud in parts. There's some very good referencing here which, in my opinion, makes for some very good comedy. There's an excellent X-Men joke followed by a very funny Harry Potter joke. There's also a funny running joke referencing Flashdance which made the audience laugh on frequent occassions. 

It's messy at times, but it's also very funny at times. Don't get me wrong, it's winning no comedy of the year awards. I probably wouldn't even watch it again, but it did make me laugh - so it did it's job. Not a must watch, but a decent comedy.