Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight was always a film that was going to be hard to match let alone top. Going into the cinema I would've been happy that it even matched up to the first in the series, Batman Begins. Forget all that though, my expectations were blown away. The casting was brilliant, with the newbies, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard all putting in tremendous performances, as well as the usuals providing stellar performances with an extra mention for Michael Caine, who I thought put in an absolutely marvelous performance as Alfred. Anne Hathaway was a real surprise to me though. All I've ever seen from her is dull rom-coms, but she brought an exciting, funny and sexy edge to Catwoman, which was way better than Michelle Pfeiffer's in Batman Returns. The fact that she was true to the comics was brilliant. She looked amazing (You know, in a non-pervy way).

I had my doubts about how good Bane would be as a lead villain. I wasn't sure that it would match up to the magnificent Joker of the previous film, but I was very wrong. Nolan's interpretation of Bane was brilliant. Of course, nothing like the comics, but who cares when he fits so well into this story? Tom Hardy looked and played the part. I had issues with his voice at first, but you got used to it as the film progressed.

The story was, once again, a brilliant one. It had twists and turn the whole way throughout, carried along by the once again amazing protagonist and antagonist. The ending was beautifully crafted and answered everything you needed. I walked out of that cinema past content. Infact I wouldn't have changed a single thing.

Another mention has to go for the music, wonderfully crafted by Han Zimmer. Honestly I think they would've been half the films, without his unbelievable work. He adds something to every scene whether it be tension, frenetic pace or pure shiver down your spine moments.

So that's that. A fantastic ending. Is it my favourite trilogy of all time? Yes probably. I can't think of another trilogy which has been this consistent through all three of the films.

Thank you Christopher Nolan for your fantastic work on these films and for also ruining any other Batman film that WB inevitably push out of productions. Now I hope to see you direct Bond 24, or anything for that matter. Can you make a bad film? I think not.