Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rezzed - Day One

My day started with a bit of Serious Sam 3 survival mode which was quite enjoyable if difficult, just like every Serious Sam game. I also played some Borderlands 2, which was fantastic. Definitely my favourite game at the show. I really can't wait for it!

The first conference was from Indiestone, the developers of Project Zomboid. They came to speak about the do's and don'ts of making video games. It turned about to be very entertaining and funny as well as being factual. They spoke about the problems they had developing the game including bomb scares (I know), budget limits and lack of time. They also spoke about the benefits of being an indie developer, including getting to craft the game all on your own, whereas at bigger studios you barely make an impact. It was a very cool conference and a great start to the show!

Next up, The Creative Assembly to talk about 25 years in the business and Total War: Rome 2. During the show, we got to see a before alpha trailer of Total War: Rome 2 which looked very impressive, especially due to the fact it needed a lot of work. They spoke about their console team's new game, well just about. They said it was going to be using the Alien IP and that's about it. Still, ALIENS!!

Now it was time for possibly the coolest guy to ever grace gaming. Yes, it's the guy who brought Duke back from the grave, Randy Pitchford. We got to see a playthrough of Borderlands 2, which as you know, I think looks unbelievable. During the demo, Claptrap was on form. Very funny and just like the original, the comic relief. Some of the new skills look cool and intuitive. Also, Randy announced that there would be splitscreen co-op and online co-op at the same time, which I thought Borderlands really needed.

Peter Molyneux was next. I was bracing myself for all of the promises he was about to give me. However, he was actually very cool. He spoke more about his new studio, 22 Cans and his new curiousity game. This looks really cool. Basically, you have a cube of 6 million little squares. Everyone hacks away at it to get to the middle, where there is a special 'something' that he was hush about. I think it looks good, apart from the fact that it could be over in seconds and that would be it. I look forward to downloading it though, you never know, it could be me!

The last conference of the show was from the guys behind Natural Selection 2. Now I hadn't really seen much of this before today and wasn't sure what to expect, but they gave a really solid show which enticed me from the start (probably due to him being Australian).

So that was my time at day one of Rezzed. Did any of you go? Comment below or email me at