Sunday, 3 June 2012

Snowglo: The Review Community

What is Snowglo? 

I have recently become part of the promo-team for an up and coming company called Snowglo. This is a new exciting website where you can earn money by writing reputable reviews. When you sign up to Snowglo you will be given your own profile page. One you have done this, you can write reviews on practically everything, this is taken from Amazon. All of your reviews will begin to appear on your profile page. Once you start writing your reviews, you will start making Snowglo friends, like you do on Facebook. Snowglo is all about sharing opinions and finding friends that share your opinions! Once you have made new friends on the site, you will begin to see all their friends new reviews on the review feed. You then have the ability to make money from your reviews on the sight and work your way up the snowglo ranking system to make more money!

The website will bring people's opinions together, and people will only be heard but also rewarded for their views. Snowglo is going to grow into a fantastic and safe community of people who are not only making profits, but having fun while whilst doing it.

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