Sunday, 3 June 2012

My thoughts on VGHS: Episode 1!

I've been watching Freddie Wong video's from practically the beginning and have been a fan for ages. So when I heard about the production of VGHS I was pretty excited. I mean Freddie Wong, Brandon and a bunch of other cool guys making a series all about video games? Count me in!

So I recently just watched the first episode, without really knowing much about what it was about, and first things first, this has Freddie Wong written all over it. It's practically a montage of his video's put together. You have the war games, the classic jokes, the awkward kids and the cringey-ness that everyone knows and loves about Freddie Wong.

I really enjoyed the first episode. It's basically a feature length Freddie Wong video and what's not to enjoy about that?

I will definitely watch the next episode, to see where this leads.