Sunday, 8 May 2011

Portal 2 Review

Even before Portal 2 was released, it had a lot going for it. A much loved original, ground breaking game mechanics and of course, Valve. Probably the best game developers out there at the moment.

So when I started Portal 2, I was excited, I mean very excited! So for Valve to pull off the one of the best starts to a game was a treat.

You play Chell, the same test subject from the original game. You get awoken by a plucky spherical robot called Wheatley (Voiced by Stephen Merchant) in what looks like a hotel room. I won't ruin what happens next for you, but trust me, it's amazing.

He then glides you through a couple of easy test chambers. You then reach the Glados' chamber. By accident, Wheatley, the moron he is, wakes her up. She then makes you feel guilty for what you did at the end of the original and you find out that Aperture is in a wreck.

It's then that the story really picks up, although it does seem very samey. I was beginning to think this game would be a let down. Oh, how I was wrong! You, somehow end up in old Aperture. Following the guide of Cave Johnson (voiced by J.K Simmons). It's here that Portal 2 comes into it's self. We are taught to use repulsion gels,acceleration gels, faith plates and excursion tunnels. These really make Portal 2 seem like it's own game and not just a cash in.

The puzzles in this the main story aren't as hard as they were in the original, but they're far from easy and with the new additions stated above, it really feels new and fresh. Valve really have a way of teaching you how to use something without making you feel stupid but you still know exactly what to do.

The single player clocks in at about 8 hours, but it's definitely quality over quantity. You will love every single minute of it.

Portal 2 also comes with a brilliant co-op mode, which is a brighter look at the world of Aperture. You (and a friend) play as P-Body and Atlas. Two very quirky robots, that don't really take anything seriously (which frustrates Glados' immensely). The puzzles in this are certainly much harder than the single player but once you've done it you feel fantastic. You and whoever you are playing it with , will really feel like a team. It's also great to see what happened to Aperture after the events of the single player.

Portal 2 is a masterpiece in both single player and co-op. It's funny, intelligent and feel good. Valve have pulled it out of the bag once again. If the (gaming) world was perfect, all sequels would be like this!