Friday, 15 April 2011

de Blob 2 Review

In 1984, Bonnie Tyler sung “Holding Out For A Hero” and I can't help but think, that when she sung this she had Blob in mind.

The story of de Blob 2 carries on from the first where Blob is resting on a beach after the heroics of the first game. Does he deserve the rest? Yes! Does he get it? No! You find out that Comrade Black is back to his old tricks and is taking the colour out of the whole of Prisma city.

The gameplay is very much the same as the first with a few differences. There are more power ups from the first such as; Wrecking Ball,Rainbow,Re-Gen and Graviton Bomb. The gameplay is also broken up with very clever and enjoyable 2D side scrolling levels.

The soundtrack in this game is amazing. As you are 'redecorating', some awesome jazz and funk tunes are churned out. You find yourself really enjoying the music without actually realising. It's another fantastic addition, that makes the game more enjoyable.

The characters as you go through the story get better and better. You start of with your trusty companion, Pinky (Who you can also play as in co-op). Who tells you what to do and knows exactly what Comrade Black is doing (Don't ask me how). As you get through the story however, you meet Arty,Bif,Prof and Zip. You form a group and start a congregation against the inkies and Comrade Black himself.

The originality and simplicity of this game is really what makes it stand out for me. It's so easy to play, but never gets boring because you've played nothing like it (Except the original!). It's now easier to play on the Ps3, especially due to the fact that there isn't shake to jump now!

The gameplay can be to simplistic at times, but if you play with a time limit, the game becomes 2X harder. Trying to finish the mission with a minute left makes the game tense. Once I finished a mission with a few seconds to go. My hands were as sweaty as ever!

All in all, A gorgeous platformer with some groovin' tunes. Easy and natural controls unique and fun levels, knowing that you are transforming the world by far is the most appealing. The game really makes you feel like a hero! The cut scenes are an absolute riot and Blob is a fantastic character.