Thursday, 17 May 2012

What makes a good horror film?

Horror films,you either love them or you hate them, but what makes a good horror film? Is it just for the scares  or is deeper than that? Here's what I think makes a good horror film;
An imaginative story, you can tell exactly whats going to happen in any horror movie, I also think a twist helps a great deal. They just need to start surprising their audience.
Most horror films lack a genuinely scary villain or anti-hero, most are just boringly stereotypical villain. I think we need new monsters, people are getting bored of vampires,mummy's,zombies and ghosts. Why can't writers think of new monsters ? Just something original to shock the audience.
Suspense is often a key factor in horror films, something to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, that goes hand to hand with jumpy moments, if done correctly.
If you look at some of the great horror films you will see that they need a fear inducing and well filmed setting. It could be anything from a tower block (Candyman) ,a wide open area (Hills Have Eyes) or even just the sea (Jaws) as long as it is well filmed it's fine.
Actors are obviously the key to any film but what I think horror films need especially is a likable main character, if you don't like the character you're not going to care if he dies are you? Good acting is obviously a necessity as well, that’s what I think horror films lack, good acting.
Horror films needs something to engross the audience, some intensity would be good because when I see a horror film it doesn't feel like I’m “in the film” the story line is just too impossible to be real.
They need more angles than just the classic horror film angles, try to mix it up without making it too cheesy and photogenic and so it can't distract from the horror.
A story that you don't know the ending to is key. Take Scream, if you took the plot twist out of the equation, it would be an average film. The story also need to be easy to follow, but interesting.
Also, most horror movies think they can just slap on blood and guts to make a horror movie. This is not the case. Horror movies, although they don't look like it, are smarter than that (well, most of them).
In short, a horror movie needs to be; unexpected, original, tense, have brilliant acting, and involve your worst nightmare.