Saturday, 22 January 2011

Uncharted Drake's Fortune Review

You know how it is, you get a new console for Christmas and you want to try out some of the exclusives to see what you've been missing out on. The thing is, when I put uncharted in, there was so much hype for it I didn't know if I was going to be that blown away. At first I wasn't but Uncharted gets stronger and stronger in every department until the big bang at the end!

The gameplay in Uncharted is solid with moments of brilliance. The guns feel powerful and are good and easy to use. Although their isn't a big variety in guns. It can be a problem moving from cover to cover but that is very rarely. The climbing is fantastic albeit a little unrealistic. The climbing works so well because it is so easy and looks awesome. Who doesn't want to look awesome while doing literally nothing? The platforming sections really work as well but the game is from the people who made Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter!

Uncharted Characters are fantastic, although there are only three main ones (Nathan,Elena and Sully). Nathan Drake is a adventurer, he is also a relation of Francis Drake. Elena is a reported/camera woman and Sully, well I don't really know what Sully does. The dialogue between these characters is very funny (considering the situation there in) but also works when the cut scene is emotional.

The setting looks beautiful and the place Is an awesome place to have this kind of story going on. What makes it even better is, by the time you have finished the game you actually feel like you have explored the entire island.

I find the graphics to look very waxy on the characters but they're really impressive all around you. All of this makes for a great gaming experience, but a few niggles are holding it back from greatness.

The cover system is one of these little niggles. It is a pretty average cover system to be honest but it certainly isn't game breaking. At times though, I found myself sticking to the wall for a couple of seconds. This broke up the flow of the game.Also, the story didn't particularly flow very well on the whole. I felt myself really getting into the game, only to get it stopped for doing a ridiculously easy puzzle. I didn't feel there was much point of that, either make them harder or leave them out.

It also, wasn't very long. The ending showcase came about very quickly. Saying that though I didn't ruin the experience for me and i'm glad I had the chance to play this gem.